march. 2018ST th
Since 2018 we began selling the Taiyabi Concentrated Soup.
Extracted soup stocked over the red snapper that grew up in Uwa Sea, Ehime Prefecture, over time, has a rich flavor and fragrance peculiar to the red snapper.
Because it is an enrichment type, it becomes a soup of true tan ramen now popular with a 10-fold dilution.

At Hong Kong exchange meeting
at the Japanese Restaurant `Ryozanpaku.`

At Exibition of Restaurants and Bars.
We inspected the exhibition in Hong Kong Convention Center.

Our products were adopted by Hong Kong Gala Dinner hosted by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

July 30th
Shanghai Food Meeting
Exhibited at Shikoku four prefecture-meeting in Shanghai

March 14th~17th
Selling `Sachinoka` and `Sanukihime` at Ichida Department Store.