Japanese food guarantees “safety and peace of mind” that comes with having face-to-face contact with the producers, something which is highly renowned the world over. Shikoku is known as a microcosm of Japan, and the majority of the farm products produced in Japan are also produced here in Shikoku. Farm products grown in the Shikoku region are the result of being blessed wit h bountiful nature, benefiting from the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean, and are highly regarded all over Japan for their superb quality. These farm products maintain a high standard of quality not seen overseas, and we are convinced that they will form products that will revitalize existing customer segments even in saturated overseas markets. We ask that you sample the food of Shikoku, that which has much untapped potential overseas.



Main trading countries: China , Hong Kong, Taiwan,Thai, Malaysia,vietnam,singapore countries Main business partners: Department stores, wholesalers, restaurants, specialty stores, etc.


The products supports from handing over in the port of export to discharge at the port of import. For the transport of products,we use air transport and sea transport marine transport. As for the product is not only room temperature,also possible transport of refrigeration and frozen food.


We handle many products that are rarely seen on the general market. Each and every product has been produced without compromise, and they are among the safest, tastiest and highest quality products on the Japanese market.

  • Fruit: strawberry , peach , queuing , tangerine , citron , leaving the nest , cherry , muscat
  • Vegetables: Kintoki carrots , asparagus , potatoes , Naruto kidney , cub lotus root , eggplant , broccoli
  • Processed food: noodles ( half a lifetime , dried noodles , Kodaimen ) , Kinzanji miso , mash – flour ( wheat flour , brown rice flour ) , fruit juice jelly
  • Seasoning: soy sauce , souce , Ponzu , garlic oil , salt, miso , dressing
  • Such as alcohol: sake , shochu , beer, liqueur wine