Company Profile

Trade Name Trust Japan Co., Ltd.
Head Office 〒761-8041 1648-8 Danshicho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa, 761-8041
PH: 087-813-5426 FAX:087-813-5427
Food import and export business.
Established February 2002
Capital 20 million yen
Correspondent Bank The Kagawa Bank, Saihocho Branch; The Hyakujushi Bank, Main Branch
Business Activities Food import and export business, Food Distributor business
Representative Representative Director Tatsuya Matsuura
No. of Employees 18

Management Philosophy

Through people, resources and efforts, we consider the satisfaction of the end user first and foremost. We aim to Collaborate and Work With all kinds of Companies, and to evolve and develop alongside our partners.

(Importance of existence)///To serve as a partner company for an affluent tomorrow
(Business policies)///To make the satisfaction of the end user our highest priority
(Standard of conduct)///To always remain in peak condition in terms of mental and physical strength and technical prowess
(Corporate statement)…”The partner that keeps sight of the customers customer” – Trust Japan

Business Creed

-Our ears always hear the customers voice
-Our eyes always see a half-step ahead
-Our hands and feet always work to contribute to society
-Our heads always think of stability through fair profit
-Our hearts always maintain a challenging spirit


matsuura Based on a principle of providing a reason to smile to consumers all over the world through Japanese food, Trust Japan aims to collaborate and work with all kinds of companies, and to evolve and develop alongside our partners. However, faced with a population decline, the Japanese market is not set to expand over the medium- to long-term, while competition with imports continues to increase with the introduction of the TPP and other such measures. As a means of maintaining the energy inherent in small to mid-size companies, we see it necessary to sell products largely produced with an uncompromising eye for quality by local small and mediumsized businesses and suppliers to the everincreasing segment of wealthy overseas customers. In a world where the fact that Japanese products represent good quality does not need mentioning, we feel that it is vitally important to have a partner that understands the local culture, one that can collaborate in planning, producing and selling products that meet the satisfaction of local consumers. We will do our utmost to supply Japanese brand products through overseas vendors to a standard that meets the satisfaction of consumers. While we are new to this field, we hope to be of assistance to your company in the future.

 Representative Director, Tatsuya Matsuura